Missile Modeling & Simulation

AASI personnel are recognized leaders in the missile modeling and simulation arena. We have supported the DoD and missile defense communities for years with flight test planning, system level performance analyses, and high fidelity missile simulations.

Our expertise and toolset includes the capability to generate six-degree-of-freedom, or 6DOF, trajectories using tactical avionics software integrated into existing digital simulations, or into our own simulations if desired. Our technical experts are also routinely at work with the generation of target and interceptor planning trajectories for flight test feasibility studies providing customers with preliminary looks at their flight mission long before a massive outlay of resources for a flight test.

We also are at work, today, performing missile modeling for system level performance analysis war games; pre-flight and post-flight trajectory analysis; and trade studies for conceptual missiles and systems. We truly are able to bring the cutting edge missile model and expertise to bear on your problem.